Power Flushing in Edinburgh

When your central heating is not working properly, it’s not only frustrating, but it can make your system less efficient. That’s where power flushing can be useful.

At Gasworks Edinburgh, we are power flushing experts, and we’ll get your radiators working properly again in no time.

What Is Power Flushing?

Power flushing, sometimes called central heating flushing, is something that you do to your radiators to get them working properly.

Over time, dirt and debris build up in the water of your central heating system. When it builds up too much, it can affect your radiators and even cause damage to your boiler and pipework.

You may notice that your radiators are not as hot as they are supposed to be, or that the whole heating system doesn’t heat up properly. Sometimes the system becomes noisy or even starts to fail.

Carrying out a central heating power flush cleans out the system by getting rid of the dirt buildup. It involves using specialist machines to pump chemicals through the system to clear it out.

You literally flush out all the dirt, and this gets the system working properly so it heats up your home efficiently once more.

How Power Flushing Helps

How Power Flushing Works

Call today to book a power flushing appointment. We’ll ask you some questions about your system and then one of our qualified heating engineers will visit you at a time convenient to you and carry out the power flush.

We have many years of experience in power flushing in Edinburgh, and all of our engineers are highly qualified. We’ll get your system working properly again in no time.

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