Boiler Heating Controls

The heating controls on boilers are used to control the level of heat and hot water in your home. Ensuring the heating controls are working properly means you can improve the efficiency and potentially reduce running costs while remaining comfortable.

We can help you with any tasks relating to the heating controls, from installing new controls to optimising your existing system.

Types of Heating Controls

Heating controls are made up of several components. This includes the timer or programmer, which sets when the boiler turns on and off, and the room thermostat, which determines how warm the rooms in your home are.

We can install, fix or optimise these controls for you to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort in your home.

Why Optimise Your Heating Controls?

Often, energy is wasted by heating controls that are not fully optimised. You may end up heating rooms unnecessarily or heating the water too much. By optimising your heating controls, you can potentially save on your heating bills.

You will also simply get better control over your heating, allowing you to enjoy greater comfort in your home.

Smart Heating Controls and Digital Controls

We can install standard as well as smart heating controls in your home. We work with all the leading manufacturers, including Nest, Bosch Easy Control and Hive.

Smart thermostat controls go one step further by learning your schedule and optimising the heating to reduce waste and unnecessary energy use.

You can access smart heating controls via your phone, changing the temperature when you are not at home. You can also install smart radiator valves to control the temperature in specific rooms.

You could also benefit from digital controls, which improve the performance and provide you with more control over your heating.

From a basic system that turns on and off when you set it, to a smart system, we can help you decide which is best for your household.

Why Us?

Our heating engineers are not only friendly and professional, but they are also highly qualified and experienced. They are Gas Safe registered, so you know they have the qualifications to work safely in your home.

We’re punctual and respect your time. We always book in a specific time and date to visit, and we are committed to arriving on time.

We work quickly but safely, and we always respect your privacy. We will cause the minimum amount of disruption, and we always clean up when we’re finished.

We are trusted by local people across Edinburgh, who return to us because they know we provide a great service. We’ve got hundreds of positive reviews on Google, and we’re proud of our reputation.

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