Gas Fire Repairs and Gas Fire Service in Edinburgh

Gas fires are popular across Scotland, and modern fires are more efficient than ever before. But gas fires, like other gas appliances such as gas hobs and cookers, need regular maintenance. They can also be dangerous if something goes wrong.

We offer both gas fire repairs and gas fire servicing in Edinburgh, so contact us today to find out how we can help.

Gas Fire Repairs in Edinburgh

When a gas fire malfunctions, the results can be serious. Carbon monoxide poisoning, for example, can be deadly. And even if the most serious effects do not occur, it can still be frustrating, leading to a colder home.

Call us as soon as your gas fire shows signs of problems. It may be making strange noises or failing to heat the room as effectively as it used to, or the flame colour may be yellow instead of blue, or there's no ignition spark.

These are all signs that something could be wrong, so don’t wait around. Call us today and we will visit your property and check your gas fire. One of our Gas Safe engineers will find out what’s going wrong, and if it can be repaired, we can do this for you.

Gas Fire Service in Edinburgh

The best option is to get your gas fire serviced regularly. You could arrange this at the same time as your boiler servicing, and we’ll be happy to do both together.

Gas appliances should be checked annually to spot signs of problems before they become more serious. One of our experienced Gas Safe engineers will carry out all the checks, like making sure the flame is burning properly.

They will clean the parts, make any repairs if needed and make sure your gas fire is in the best condition possible.

Why Choose Us?

We service and repair most models of gas fires, including those from the biggest manufacturers.

We are highly trained and experienced Gas Safe registered engineers, so you can trust us to carry out work to the highest standards. We work quickly and minimise disruption for you. Servicing takes about an hour on average, but it can be even less.

Contact Us Today

Get in touch to arrange your gas fire repairs or gas fire service in Edinburgh. We’ll arrange a visit and we’ll make sure your gas fire is working properly and safely so you can enjoy a warmer home and sleep soundly knowing that your gas fire has been serviced by an experienced engineer.